miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

Encargo para un cliente/ Order for a customer

Some days ago came a request from nice J. in my Etsy shop asking if I could make a special tablecloth for her children's project table for her living space, a small tablecloth in three special colours "to cover everything when it isn't being used and still flow with the rest of our decor"... Great idea!
She picked up the colors through the web, in a special catalog silk fabric that are quite similar as the real ones and although at first I wonder about the combination, I love the result when I end it, very refined, much more than I thought.
I took some photos here from the tablecloth I shipped already, but my photos are not as good as the one she takes.
J. is a terrific photographer and when she allows me I would like to make a post about her wonderful work, I saw her page and is one of the best photos I've seen!
Thanks J. for your order, I hope you enjoy it.

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